Digital Humidifier Digital Humidifier
  • Ultimate control
  • Provides relief
  • Easy to clean and safe
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Swoon Up Swoon Up
  • 2 heights: couch height (21.5in) or table height (29.5in)
  • 360 degree seat rotation
  • 3 adjustable backrest positions
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Lovenest Lovenest
  • Ultimate ergonomic head and neck support
  • Helps prevent flat-head syndrom (Plagiocephaly)
  • Memory foam covered with soft, luxurious, breathable cotton fabric
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Hygro humidifier Hygro humidifier
  • Super quiet and ideal for baby's room
  • Create the right humidity level
  • Automatic shutt off
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Swoon Motion Swoon Motion
  • 2 swinging motions: side-to-side cradle and forward and back swinging
  • 5 swing speeds - Select swing time for 10 - 20 - 30 mintus
  • 360 degree seat rotation, 3 adjustable position for the backrest and the seat
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Cozymorpho Cozymorpho
  • Ergonomic headrest for well rounded head and body support
  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Universal
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