Waves and baby monitors: Babymoov choose low-power emissions

Protect your babies and adopt the low emission!

Checking the baby, especially when he/she is asleep, is essential for parents. Some are reassured they can hear it if it cries, others also need to see it. To meet everyone’s needs, Babymoov offers audio and/or video baby monitors that focus on performance and the baby’s health.

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors... all devices that emit electromagnetic waves around the baby.
There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more waves than the brain of an adult!

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Electromagnetic waves: Babymoov takes a stance

More and more studies seem to prove that there is a relationship between wave exposure and the onset of health issues. And our babies are the very 1st generation to be exposed to waves at a very young age!

Global innovation

Always committed to limiting children’s exposure to electromagnetic wves, the Babymoov teams have created the first Babyphone with 0 ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE EMISSIONS! Discover our Babycamera 0% Emission

A revolutionary technology that ensures the total absence of electromagnetic waves in the child’s environment. Babymoov is the very first brand to meet the challenge of carrying both audio and video data while protecting Baby’s health.

0 radio waves in the baby’s bedroom thanks to the CPL technology: the information goes through the electrical circuit from the video camera installed in the baby’s room to the internet box.