Swoon Motion

Swing and Cradle, with Comfortable & Adjustable Ergonomic Seat


  • 2 swinging motions: side-to-side cradle and forward and back swinging
  • 5 swing speeds - Select swing time for 10 - 20 - 30 mintus
  • 360 degree seat rotation, 3 adjustable position for the backrest and the seat
  • Senses if baby cries and starts swing

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Product description

The perfect combination of a soothing and pleasant swinging motion

  • Swoon motion provides a unique solution for comfort and play in a variety of situations.

  • Its rotating seat always allows complete access to the baby while the independently adjustable back and footrests (3 positions each) provide optimal ergonomic position and comfort for the baby.

  • Differently from traditionally voice-activated swings (sometimes the baby makes happy noises and does not need soothing) Swoon Motion is activated by the shaking motion a baby produces when crying.  

  • Once activated the swinging motion can be programmed to last 10, 20, 30 minutes.

  • Parents can also choose to play one of 8 preprogrammed lullabies or to upload their own music.

  • Swoon Motion can be powered by batteries (ideal when used outdoor) or by plugging it into an outlet.

Swoon Motion features

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Lifetime Warranty

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Technical data

MaterialIn contact with the baby 100% cotton, Cushion trimming: 100% polyester, Padding: 100% polyester foam, Cover: 100% polyester

Dimensions65 x 72 cm • Padding: 63 x 82 cm

Power supplyWorks with an adaptor (included) or 4 LR14C batteries (not included)

ColorsZinc, Alu


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