The range of sleeping Comfort

After 16 years of ideas and innovations, Babymoov created a brand new exhaustive range with unique concepts for a safe and extremely comfortable sleeping environment. After spending 9 months in the mother's womb, baby sleeps about 20 hours a day. Ensuring baby sleeps well is essential for his/her daily development.

The Covers

Because baby needs to be reassured…

Enveloping and affectionate gestures, the feeling of contact soothes baby, so that he/she doesn't wake up of all a sudden.

Used right from birth, our Cozycover is the envelopping cover that soothes baby with a simple design. It reproduces the feeling of safety and comfort of the mother’s womb for calm nights. A simple and quick swaddling in 4 simple moves, with 2 ways of wrapping it around the baby: arms along the body or arms crossed.

Designed with a soft and breathable material, Dreamsac is the 1st envelopping and reassuring sleeping bag. You can use it after 3 months, when you cannot use the Cozycover anymore, and until 6 months. It reassures and calms babies before they fall asleep. Like the Cozycover, it’s a very simple and quick swaddling in 4 simple moves.

To choose the right blanket according to the season and/or temperature of the room, Babymoov provides you with information on TOGs, a unit of measurement that indicates the heating capacity. This also allows you to know how to dress the baby under the blanket or sleeping bag.



Because baby needs to be in a safe environment…

The Lovenest is the original ergonomic headrest: its special inclination and shapre guarantee pressure is distributed over the child's skull. Everything does not press on the back of his head, thereby allowing baby to keep a nice round head without distrurbing his comfort and movements during his sleeping.


Because baby needs to be comfortable when going out and about

The Cozymorpho is specially designed to give optimum comfort to the newly born ! It rather should be use during the day. It is universal and adapts to every type of bouncer, swing motion, car-seat, cradle… Thanks the ultra-soft micro air permeable tissue, it assures a perfect head.

The Cuzycushion is perfect to support the baby in the pushchair. It adapts to all pushchairs with an optimal comfort.

A child can start travelling at 3 weeks old but the environment needs to be calm and quiet. Travel accessories must be suitable to reassure baby and make him/her feel safe.