• Compact size: every-day use
  • Elegant and handy
  • Many colors and accessories

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Product description

Let your personality shine with your diaper bag!

Babymoov has launched a new concept with an extensive range of diaper bags especially for mums to showcase their own style: "My bag. My style".

This new collection includes 7 models, and every model is available in different colours: with 30 bags you can find your style!

You don't know which one is the best choice for you? Try our personality test and discover which is made for you!

Glitter Bag: elegant and handy baby diaper bag for every-day use!


Diaper bag Glitter Bag Babymoo

Many accessories: 

  • Changing mat 

  • Insulated bag 

  • Transparent pocket 

  • Soother pocket 

  • Stroller harness

To please all the moms' styles, the Traveller Bag is available in 3 colors: Cherry, Black and Petrol.

Colors Diaper Bag Glitter Bag Babymoo

Technical data

Dimension36 x 44 x 19cm


ColorsBlack, Cherry, Petrol



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Parents - tell us what you think

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