Baby Bowls

Set of 6x8oz Bowls


  • 6 colorful containers with lids
  • Store, freeze and reheat homemade baby food
  • Stackable and easy to store
  • Dry erase lid surface
  • Dishwasher safe

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Product description

For the optimum preservation of food

The baby bowls will help you preserve the food you prepared  thanks to the hermetic cover. Indeed, the baby bowls offer an optimum preservation of food and a great capacity of 8,5oz. Thanks to its rewritable surface, you can write down the bowl content on the cover. Our baby bowls are certified bisphenol A free.The baby bowls are sold in pack of 6.

Parents driven innovation

Since 1997, Babymoov reinvents the everyday life of parents by providing reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products driven by parent’s input: focus group with mums, meeting with a committee of experts and observation days in our own daycare-nursery

Lifetime Warranty

Trust is essential when it comes to baby equipment and Babymoov is committed to offering safe and high quality products and offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. See our website for details.

Technical data


Dimensions2 inch(cover), 4,5 inch (bowl), 4,5 inch (hight)

Product help


I can't close my Babybols.

To be able to close Babybols completely, you just have to make sure there is no air inside the bowl. So, you have to press the lid with the flat of one hand and lift up the tab with the other hand to remove the air. The bowl can then be closed completely.

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Parents - tell us what you think

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